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Guiding Your Journey to Well-Being

At Equimind Counselling, we are dedicated to delivering empathetic and professional counselling services that promote healing and enhance the well-being of our clients. Our therapeutic interventions are designed to assist individuals in gaining insight, developing effective coping strategies, and navigating life’s challenges.

Our name embodies our mission to empower individuals in discovering inner balance, fostering self-awareness, and nurturing emotional stability. By embracing the potential of the mind, we guide individuals towards personal growth, inner harmony, and a more fulfilling life.

If you need compassionate and expert counselling support, Equimind Counselling is here to help you on your journey to well-being

Our Approach

At Equimind Counselling, we believe in the power of achieving equilibrium for a healthy mind. Our area of expertise covers a broad spectrum of concerns, ranging from anxiety, depression, self-esteem, relationship issues, stress, ADHD, OCD and trauma


We understand the importance of individualized care and provide tailored treatment plans based on your unique needs and goals. We are dedicated to guiding you towards healing and growth, using proven techniques to create lasting positive change.

Meaning Behind the Name "Equimind"

Equimind Counselling derives its name from a combination of two powerful concepts: “Equi” and “Mind.” The word “Equi” represents equilibrium, balance, and harmony, while “Mind” signifies the mental well-being and the power of the human mind. Equimind Counselling embodies our belief in the transformative potential of achieving balance and harmony in one’s life. We recognize the interconnectedness of various aspects of well-being, including emotional, cognitive, and relational elements. By nurturing equilibrium within the mind, we empower individuals to find resilience, growth, and personal fulfillment.

Why us

Your Path to Healing, Happiness, and Hope Begins Here

At Equimind Counselling, we understand that seeking counselling is a significant and often deeply personal decision. We're here to support you on your journey to better mental health and well-being. Here's why you should choose us for counselling:

Non-judgemental environment

Our counselling center is a non-judgmental space where you can express yourself freely without fear of criticism. We are here to listen, understand, and support you without passing judgment

Online and In-Person Counselling

We provide both in-person and online counselling services, giving you the choice and convenience to access our support wherever you're most comfortable.

Individualized Approach

We recognize that every person is unique, and so are their concerns and goals. We tailor our counselling sessions to your specific needs, ensuring a personalized and effective treatment plan.

Evidence-Based Techniques

We are trained in a variety of evidence-based therapeutic techniques, including CBT, EFT, DBT and the Gottman method. We stay updated with the latest research and best practices in the field to ensure the most effective and proven treatment methods.

Meet the Counsellors

Registered Clinical Counsellors

Maggie Kenny, MCP, RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor

With a passion for healing and a dedication to your well-being, I am a therapist and counsellor committed to creating a safe and nurturing space for your personal growth. My approach blends warmth with professionalism, ensuring that you will feel truly seen, heard, and accepted as we embark on your therapeutic journey together.



Dan Spring, MA, RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor

My role as your counsellor is to be your guide, meeting you in your present moment, and moving at your pace, giving you practical tools to cope and overcome. Together, we’ll navigate a compassionate, judgment-free space, focusing on regaining control and fostering a healthier, happier life.

Irmak Erdal, MCP, RCC

Clinical Director, Registered Clinical Counsellor

You may be feeling overwhelmed or stuck and need practical tools and guidance to cope and overcome. As your counsellor, I will meet you where you are and work at your pace. We can work together in a safe, non-judgmental space to help you build resilience. My goal is to help you achieve greater peace of mind, deepen self-awareness, and improve your overall quality of life.

Let's Move Forward Together

We understand that the decision to seek help can be a difficult one. That’s why our aim is to create a safe and supportive environment where you can feel heard and understood. Whether you’re dealing with relationship problems, anxiety, or any other issue, our team is here to guide you on your journey towards a brighter future. Book a free consultation now! 

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